Pick-Up Permit

On June 02, 2020, Town Council adopted Resolution 14 Series 2020 designating the bus circle on the east end of Lot L off South Mahoney as a pick-up location for pre-ordered and pre-paid goods.

  • The pick-up location shall not be used for vending of any kind. Vending is defined as “the act of selling or offering for sale wares, goods, merchandise, food or services with or without a display apparatus, from a location outside of a building, and which activity is not an accessory use as defined by the Land Use Code.” 
  • Activity is limited to pre-ordered and pre-paid goods. 
  • 4 permits are available for use Monday - Thursday. 
  • Pick-Up Permit Application must be submitted to the Clerk's Department.
  • Permits are considered on a case-by-case basis.