Business Licenses

Licensing Requirements

We welcome your business to Telluride. To assist you in business planning, we offer the following information.

Telluride has a business license law that mandates the licensing of persons doing business within Telluride town limits (Telluride Municipal Code Section 6-1-10 through 6-1-100) and Lawson Hill. Non-profits are exempt from this requirement. 

Business license proceeds are distributed to the visitors bureau

  • Marketing Telluride, Inc., for regional marketing (74%)
  • Open Space Fund (20%)
  • Town administration (6%)

Short-Term Rental business license fees have increased as a result of the Town electorate approving Question 2D at the November 2, 2021 Regular Municipal Election.  Revenue resulting from the increase in Short-Term Rental Unit business license fees is dedicated to the Town’s Affordable Housing Fund and will be used exclusively to fund and finance the development and preservation of affordable housing, including the acquisition of land.

Fees for licenses vary according to the type of business and number of employees, as outlined in the application. A separate license is required for each business location.

Short-Term Rentals 

A short-term rental is a rental for less than thirty days (1-29 days). A business license and tax remittance is required on all short-term rentals. Fees are three hundred thirty dollars ($330.00) plus forty-four dollars ($44.00) per sleeping room. Sleeping Room means any area with a bed surrounded by a minimum of one wall. Please note that the Town of Telluride has restrictions regarding short term rentals in residential zone districts in its Land Use Code.

Short-Term Rental Restrictions - Licenses Capped 

The number of Short Term Rental Unit business licenses for a Lodging Establishment, Room Rental, Accommodations Unit, and Rental House is capped at the number of Town business licenses that are existing and fully issued as of November 2, 2021.  All Short Term Rental Units with an existing and duly issued business license for Short Term Rental Units are permitted a one (1) time exception for the Town to issue a business license for a Short Term Rental Unit to the subsequent purchaser of the particular dwelling unit with the existing and fully issued business license.  This restriction will automatically expire November 2, 2023 unless extended by the Town Council.  The Town will only issue new Short-Term Rental business licenses that fall under the above exception.


The Town of Telluride uses a 3rd party program, MUNIRevs to:

  • Process business license applications
  • Renewal of business licenses
  • Sales and excise tax licenses and remittance

Visit the Telluride MUNIRevs website to start an application or renewal of a business license. 

For assistance creating your MUNIRevs account or connecting to your existing business account, please contact the MUNIRevs Support Department at (888) 751-1911.

Note: For information regarding Telluride sales taxes, please contact the Finance Director at (970) 728-2163, or visit the Finance Department.