Licenses & Permits

Business Licenses

Anyone doing business in the Town of Telluride or Lawson Hill must obtain a business license from the Town of Telluride. Business is defined as all activities engaged in with the object of gain, benefit, advantage or profit, direct or indirect. It includes, but is not limited to, deriving compensation from activities within the Town, including the sale, supply or distribution of commodities, services or related financial transactions. Advertising of a product, service, or short-term rental unit in the Town is considered doing business. Non-profits are exempt from this requirement. Proceeds from business license fees are distributed to Marketing Telluride, Inc. for regional marketing (74%), the Open Space fund (20%) and a portion is retained by the town to support program administration (6%). Fees for licenses vary according to the type of business and number of employees. A separate license is required for each business location.

Liquor Licenses

Anyone wishing to serve alcohol to the general public (even complimentary alcohol) must first obtain a liquor license or liquor permit. There are different types of liquor licenses/permits. Please contact the Town Clerk’s office for additional information. New liquor licenses are approved by Town Council and the State of Colorado, and can take up to three months to process.

Medical and Retail Marijuana Licenses

The sale and cultivation of medical and / or retail marijuana and infused products requires a medical or retail marijuana license. New marijuana licenses are approved by the Combined Medical / Retail Marijuana Licensing Authority and the State of Colorado. Applications for marijuana licenses for medical / or retail marijuana centers, infused products manufacturing operations, and optional off-site premises cultivation are available through the Town Clerk's Department.

Tobacco Product Retail License 

Effective January 2020, Tobacco Product Retailers must be licensed by the Town of Telluride to sell tobacco products. Retailers must submit an application and a $175.00 license fee to the Town Clerk's Department for consideration by the Tobacco Product Licensing Authority.  


Vending Permits

Vending is defined as selling goods or services outside of a building and is strictly regulated by the Telluride Municipal Code Chapter 6 Article 4. A vending permit is required. The code outlines the program for selection of vending sites on a seasonal basis. Vending on the Highway 145 Spur is strictly prohibited.

Pick-Up Permit

On June 02, 2020 Town Council adopted Resolution 14 Series 2020 designating the bus circle on the east end of Lot L off South Mahoney as a pick-up location for pre-ordered and pre-paid goods.

Special Event Liquor Permit

Special event liquor permits are issued to qualifying organizations for the purpose of fundraising. A Special Event application must be submitted no less than thirty days prior to the proposed special event and at lease fourteen days prior to the regularly scheduled Liquor Licensing Authority meeting.