Short-Term Rental Licenses

The Town of Telluride’s cap on short-term rental licenses expired on November 2, 2023, allowing new short-term rental business license applications to begin processing on November 3, 2023.

Town Council passed an ordinance amending the Telluride Municipal Code to decrease short-term rental business license fees, implement an administrative fee and a regulatory fee, and add license categories with different fee structures. 

Classic STR License Fee Structure
Limited STR License Fee Structure

New Short-Term Rental Software in 2024

The Town of Telluride will implement new software for short-term rentals soon. 

We no longer use MUNIRevs for STR business licensing, and our new STR software should be live in mid to late March. Property Management companies must maintain a business license in MUNIRevs but will remit taxes in the new STR software. Please ensure any past due taxes or license fees are paid up in MUNIRevs, otherwise you will not be issued a license in the new software. 

For now, please review the new license categories 2024 and complete the required affidavits for the license you plan to apply for. In the meantime, you may short-term rent your property, but please keep track of all rentals that occur before the software is ready, as you will need to remit taxes for those rentals for January and February in the new software.  If you plan to apply for the Residential or Limited License, please note that any rentals beginning January 1, 2024, count towards your 2024 rental allotment and must be accounted for.  Property Managers will need to keep track of each individual property’s rentals as taxes will be remitted for each individual property in the new software.  You will be able to pay for your taxes in bulk.

The Town will communicate all updates, software launches, and license renewal availability and deadlines via email. Click here to sign up for email notifications regarding short-term rentals in the Town of Telluride.

2024 Affidavits & Disclosures

The required Town of Telluride affidavits and disclosures required to apply for a 2024 Short-term Rental (STR) license are now available on the Town of Telluride website. The Clerk’s Department is still working to implement new STR software, however, we want to ensure you have plenty of time to fill out the forms in advance of the software release date.  A few notes: 

  • You must upload all forms yourself when you apply for the STR license. You can fill them out now, but please hold onto your completed forms until the new STR software is live.
  • Do not email your forms to the Town. The Clerk’s Department will not have the capability to upload forms on your behalf in the new software. 

Please make sure that all necessary affidavits are completed and ready to be uploaded before you start your application in the new software.  You cannot save your application progress and come back to it later.  It must be done in one sitting.

We will continue to send notifications regarding the release date of the new software. The STR page linked above is also a good resource for updates.

New Affidavits for 2024

Other Affidavits

What is a Classic License?

A Town license that is available for all units in the Non-Residential Zone, but not a Lodging Establishment, and that has no aggregate calendar year nightly rental limitations.

What affidavits are required?