Vending Guidelines

General Guidelines:

  • Application required when vending on public or private property.
  • Complete vending rules and regulations are found in the Telluride Municipal Code at Sec. 6, Article 4.
  • State of Colorado health permits are required for food vendors as well as commercial kitchens. Please call San Miguel County Environmental Health Department for more information. 
  • Indemnification and liability insurance are required.
  • There are size limitations for carts. (Public property 5' x 8')
  • Signage shall be painted on or attached to the display apparatus/cart. There are size limitations on signage.
  • A Town of Telluride Business license is required.
  • State and local sale tax licenses are required, as well as collection and remittance of taxes.
  • A more in-depth overview of the guidelines can be found on the Vending Permit Application (PDF)

Activities Allowed Without a Permit

  • Free music or entertainment (busking)
  • Free distribution of information, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, or petitions
  • Display of advertising on a carried sandwich board
  • Individual or group yard sales at any one location not exceeding three consecutive days in duration and totaling not more than eight days a year
  • Sales by children under the age of fourteen years of age with items for sale at a cost of a maximum of $10 an item
  • Use of the permanent table next to the kiosk on the corner of Colorado and Pine by non-profit organizations only, is on a first-come, first-serve basis. No reservations are needed.