HARC and Planning Applications and Forms

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Be sure to submit all required documents listed on the application forms. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you need further instruction or information, please email Tammy Brand, Historic Preservation, Planning, and Building Coordinator.

2023/2024 HARC Development Application (PDF)

Common applications for HARC review consist of new construction and additions or alterations to historic and non-historic properties. Refer to the full list on the application.

HARC Application Checklist (PDF)

When submitting a HARC Development Application of any scale, please fill out and attach the HARC Application Checklist to your application.

HARC Sign Application (PDF)

Commercial signs should be a subordinate feature to the overall character of the surrounding area. Please refer to Land Use Code Article 3 Division 4 for sign specifications and use the application to get started.

2023/2024 Planning and Zoning Application (PDF)

Common proposals for Planning and Zoning review are subdivisions, planned unit developments, annexations, affordable housing, and many others. Refer to the full list on the application.

Affordable Housing Impact Mitigation Worksheet

2023/2024 Commercial Multi-Family and Hotel Use                                                                        

2023/2024 Single Family and Duplex

Geohazard Permit Authority Application Supplement (PDF)

Please use this supplement in conjunction with your PZ Application if your project requires a Geohazard Review.

2023/2024 Tree Maintenance Application (PDF)

Refer to Land Use Code Article 3 Division 5 for standards and procedures with respect to landscaping, outdoor illumination, and tree maintenance.

Records Request Form (PDF)

To locate past building or planning files, fill out this form and submit it to a department staff member. Depending upon the nature of your request, inquiries will be processed within three to five business days.