Southwest Area Conceptual Plan

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The Telluride Town Council initiated the conceptual planning process in the late winter of this year to determine how best to utilize its town-owned land in the southwest area of the Town. Over the years, the Town assembled land that included areas south of the valley Floor along Black Bear Road, and areas extending eastward to encompass the Shandoka and Carhenge parking areas. The consultants DHM Design were selected to work with the Town to develop a Conceptual Master Plan for the municipally-owned land and the surrounding streets and pedestrian network. Although the town is hoping to reveal opportunities for the Southwest area it is also seeking to determine what currently works and what does not work for the residents of the area.

The consultants are working with the Town to identify future land uses, pedestrian/bicycle/vehicular connections, transit routes and opportunities, and street and sidewalks improvements. Ultimately the Town Council would like to determine how it wants the area to develop over the long term and avoid making piecemeal decisions. This Southwest Area Conceptual Plan is the first step before more detailed planning and engineering work begins in the future.

The planning area includes the Town-owned properties that are surrounded by private developments, the Telluride Ski area (Lift 7), and unincorporated county land. Currently, uses within the Town-owned parcels include open space, surface parking, deed restricted affordable and employee housing, river park, and road rights of way. The public roads include Black Bear Road, Mahoney Drive, West Pacific Avenue, South Tomboy Drive, and South Davis Drive.

The plan is to be developed collaboratively by the DHM Design Team, Town staff, and the public, under the Town Council’s direction. The Covid-19 Pandemic, however, has resulted in a delay in the planning process so that the Town Council could address the critical issues related to protect the health and safety of the public. 

Because public input is essential to develop the Conceptual Plan, the Design Team and the Town hopes that residents and interested persons will stay aware and participate in this planning process. Future meetings will be scheduled beginning with the review of the findings of a traffic study conducted in the early part of 2020.


Meeting #1
June 4, 2019 Info Gathering Update to Committee
Workshop #1 - June 10-12, 2019
Workshop #1 Meeting Notes
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Workshop #1 Summary
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Workshop #2 - July 30th, 2019
Workshop #2 Meeting Notes
Workshop #2 Presentation 
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Workshop #3 - October 28th, 2019
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Workshop #3 Presentation 
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Question: What is included in the study area?
Answer: All of the Town-owned parcels south of Colorado Ave and West of Davis St., including road Right-Of-Ways.

Question: Are there private lots included in the planning?
Answer: No. Our intent is to understand the adjacent uses and how they influence the study area, but only Town-owned lands are part of the project.

Question: Is it determined that Pacific Ave between Mahoney and Davis will be changed to two-way traffic?
Answer: There are no predetermined plans. Rather, it is integral to the process to hear and evaluate ideas in order for all, especially Town Council, to make informed decisions for the area. During the first workshop, there did not appear to be Council interest in changing the one way pattern on Pacific Avenue.

Question: Would additional traffic be routed through Mahoney and Pacific?
Answer: The overall traffic pattern into town is not being altered. There may be a recommendation that wayfinding signs be added to help direct visitors to public parking lots.

Question: What is the project schedule and when will the next public meeting be held?
Answer: The project schedule has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. A future virtual workshop with Town Council will be announced soon.