Wildfire Plan

In the event of an uncontrolled wildland fire that is within our town limits or within three miles of Telluride town limits, we may institute voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders.

Residents and visitors in the Town of Telluride shall be notified that a wildfire is present in the area. Evacuation is neither recommended nor mandatory.

Evacuation Procedures

All available town field staff shall be mobilized to make notifications to residents and visitors. Evacuees will be instructed as per the threat level above.

The Telluride Marshal's Department shall be in command of any notification and/or evacuation plans activated.

Notification to residents and visitors shall be made using a grid pattern to ensure that no person or occupied structure fails to receive notification of a wildfire. To assist with evacuation notifications, Emergency Alert Systems will be activated, which includes the SMC Alert and Warning system. Town of Telluride staff will use its CivicReady text message notification system in tandem with SMC Alerts to share messaging with the community through texts and push notifications.

The local radio station, KOTO (91.7 FM), shall be notified of any activated evacuation procedures.

Wildfire Preparedness

The San Miguel County Resident Evacuation Guide tells residents how to prepare for and carry out a wildfire evacuation. San Miguel County is a member of the West Region Wildfire Council. Members represent private citizens, local, county, state and federal agencies with an interest in, and a commitment to addressing wildfire risk across the region. For information on mitigation and available grants, please visit their website.

Helpful Regional and National Wildfire Resources

San Miguel County Wildfire Resources