Dog Licensing

All dogs residing in the Town of Telluride and six months of age or older must be licensed annually prior to March 1 of each year. 

For new residents, 

Dogs must be licensed within 30 days after relocating temporarily or permanently to the town. Dog owners are required to present paper certification that the dog has a current rabies inoculation upon registration.

Please email along with proof or rabies vaccination to the Marshal's Department Administrative Assistant or mail to the 

Telluride Marshal's Department,  

PO Box 372, 

Telluride, CO 81435 .

Fees for annual registration are $20 for spayed/neutered dogs and $60 for intact.

It is highly recommended that dogs not residing in the town and visit Telluride on a regular basis display a tag which lists the owner's name and phone number. It is required that dogs visiting Telluride have a valid rabies tag attached to the collar. Information pertaining to dog ownership may be found in the Town of Telluride Municipal Code under the chapter titled "Animals."

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