Parking Permit Information

Parking Management

To help solve problems of high demand for business and resident parking, and as an effort to reduce in-town traffic congestion, the Town of Telluride established the green (G) permits zone, and south Oak Street (O) zone, the warehouse permit zone (W), and the accommodations zone (A).

General Parking Permit Information

  • The Town of Telluride is moving towards online parking permit applications for both residential and business parking permits. At this time, "G", "O", "W" and Service parking permit applications are available online. Once you have applied for a parking permit online, you will receive an email notification the month your permit expires. 
  • "G" Zone residents may obtain one permit per resident.  After two have been issued per residence, more may only be issued if the residence does not have off-street parking. Each residence may be allowed one guest permit for that address.
  • "O"  and "W" Zone permit residents are eligible for two permits per residence and one guest pass.
  • "A" Zone permit residents are eligible for one permit and one guest pass per residence.
  • Residents in Etta Place, Etta Place Too, Double Diamond and Cimarron commercial units are eligible for free "S" Permits.
  • Businesses (including hotels) are limited to two permits and no guest pass is issued.  Please see Zone map for businesses/resident eligible areas.  
  • All “G", "W", "O", "A" and "B” permits are $40 each. Checks are payable to Town of Telluride.
  • View the Zone Map. This map outlines the different permit parking areas and helps you to determine if your residence is eligible for a permit.
  • Permits should be used only as intended. Anyone using a permit or pass for any purpose other than intended may have his or her permit revoked.
  • Online applications for each permit type will be required when the current permits expire.
  • Applications will be available starting the first day of the month of expiration. 

How to Get a Parking Permit

  • Permit applications for "A", "B", "S", Silverjack and Centerlane are available on the town's Parking Permit Application webpage.
  • "G", "O", "W" and Service parking permit applications are available on the town's online parking permit portal, ToCite.

Parking Enforcement

  • All parking is enforced by Code Enforcement from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Sunday.
  • Posted Holidays are not enforced. However, problem parking will be addressed on those off days (i.e. parking in a fire lane, blocking alleys and driveways).