Policies for Open Records Requests

All town records must remain in the custody of the town at all times. Originals shall not be released to non employees of the town. Copies of maps and large documents will be hand delivered by staff when needed to private copy services.

It is the general policy to provide action minutes of board and commission meetings. The town provides verbatim transcripts only pursuant to court order or at the direction of the town attorney or the town manager. The town contracts for its transcriptions with a private contractor and transcription costs are paid by the applicant. Members of the public have the option of obtaining a copy of public meeting audio recordings.


Open records requests may be initiated with the town clerk’s office or with the appropriate department.

If the request is an open records request (as opposed to a copy of a readily available document to the person in interest), the applicant shall complete a records request form.

Telluride personnel will determine:

  • Who is the custodian of the requested document(s)
  • The status of the record (availability, whether it is a public document, etc.)
  • Cost estimate to produce


Telluride personnel will provide the applicant with a cost estimate. For estimates exceeding $50, the applicant must post security in an amount determined by the department. The town will return any amount of the deposit in excess of the actual charge and shall collect any amount by which the actual charge exceeds the amount deposited. No records will be made available for inspection or copies released until all due fees have been paid.

The town clerk’s office, if requested, will coordinate copying or viewing of the requested record with the appropriate department within the three day limit.

Town personnel will meet with the applicant (within three days) and present the record for viewing, copies of the record document, and/or written denial and collect the appropriate fee.

If extensive copies or extensive research are requested, those records will be provided within a reasonable amount of time. The applicant will be notified, in writing (within the three day limit), with the date that the records will be available.