What should I do if my car has been towed?
Contact the Marshal's Department at (970) 728-3818 during regular business hours, or the Montrose County Dispatch Center at (970) 249-9110 after hours. Be prepared to give a description of your vehicle, the location and approximate time when it was parked. If it is determined that your vehicle was impounded for snow removal, or some other legal reason, you will be directed to respond to the Marshal's Department offices located at 134 South Spruce Street. You will then be provided with paperwork and instructions on how to arrange for the release of your vehicle.

The Marshal's Department contracts towing services with private providers and payment for the tow / impound is made directly by the registered owner of the vehicle to the tow company. Impound fees will have to be paid before a vehicle will be released. Daily storage fees begin to accumulate after the first 24 hours that a vehicle has been in police custody, so it is recommended that the recovery of a towed vehicle not be delayed.

A parking ticket will accompany the impound paperwork and a court date is provided should an appeal of the circumstances be desired. Failure to pay the parking ticket prior to the court date, or failure to appear at the court date, will result in a doubling of the parking fine.

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1. What should I do if my car has been towed?
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