What do you recommend we bring when moving into the Boarding House?

Below is a list of items I recommend new tenants bring with them. This list is directly off of our web page for easy reference to perspective tenants. 

You Bring

Recommended Restroom Items

 Shower Caddy

 Shower Soap

 Bath Towel

 Shower Shoes

 Hand Soap

 Hand Towels

 Toilet Paper

Recommended Kitchenware

 Spoons/Knives/Forks

 Cups/Coffee Mugs

 Soup/Cereal Bowls

Recommended Miscellaneous Items

 Combination Lock for Ski Locker

 Bike Lock

 Coffee Filters

Recommended Bedding

 Sheets to fit a standard twin bed

 Comforter

 Pillows

*No toiletries will be provided

We Supply

 Coffee maker

 Toaster

 Blender

 Dry/Wet Measuring Cups/Spoons Set

 Pots/Pans

 Mixing Bowls

 Knife set

 Spatulas/Stirring spoons/Can


Tongs/Ladle/Scissors-Sheers/Rolling Pin

 Oven Mitts

 Soap/Sponges/Dishwasher soap

 Trash Bins/Bags

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