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Posted on: August 11, 2022

PSA: Dangerous Temperatures and Dogs!

Telluride Marshal's Department

Town of Telluride PSA: Dangerous Temperatures and Dogs!

The Telluride Marshals Department in conjunction with The Animal Hospital of Telluride and the Telluride Humane Society would like to offer “summer” advice.

Dogs can suffer from a Heat Emergency QUICKLY!

Dogs (unlike humans) do not have the ability to sweat. Dogs cool themselves by panting and breathing. Dogs exhale breath over their saliva in their mouths which helps to cool them down. Think of it like a swamp cooler. They also have a lining in their lungs serving as an evaporative surface similar to our skin. Dogs have blood vessels in their face, ears, and feet which can expand--helping to expel heat. Once these sources become overheated or overused, they begin to no longer cool the dog.

A dog’s typical temperature is 99.5-102.5 (F). If a dog’s body temperature is above these levels they will suffer from dehydration, heat cramps, and heat exhaustion. Catastrophic danger occurs at 104-106 (F) when multiple organs start to go into shut down mode. Shut down mode can occur quickly in as little as 10 minutes when outside temperatures range approximately 85 (F). Even with the windows down and water present a dog can suffer from heat stroke if they do not have a way to get out of the heat and cool their bodies. They rely on each of us to be their best friend and caretaker. Let’s help them out and not leave them in dangerous situations. 

Temperature Chart describing the outside air temperature vs the estimated vehicle interior air temp

To report an animal locked in a hot car please call Dispatch (970)-249-9110. 

For all other questions or concerns please contact: 

Jeanette Loven-Telluride Marshal Department (970)-728-3190

Additional Contact Information: The Animal Hospital of Telluride (970)-728-1082 & Telluride Humane Society (Adoption/Foster Families sought)

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