New Application

Medical Marijuana Center or Retail Marijuana Store Information 

New Establishments

If you are interested in opening a medical marijuana center or a retail marijuana store in the Town of Telluride, please submit an application, required fee, and individual history form to the Town Clerk. Please see the individual history form for submittal requirements.

It is unlawful to operate the following marijuana enterprises in the Town of Telluride: Cultivation Facilities (but not cultivation operations), to manufacture hash oil anywhere within Town of Telluride; to operate a Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturing Facility producing Solvent-Based Retail Marijuana Concentrate, by use of Solvents containing compressed flammable gases, Marijuana Private Clubs (in any form) or Marijuana Product vending machines. 


  • Medical Marijuana Center - $1000.00
  • Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Operation - $1000.00
  • Retail Marijuana Store - $1000.00