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The Town of Telluride voters passed Telluride Question 2B at the November 2, 2021 election changing to the following sections of the Telluride Home Rule Charter.  The changes are incorporated in the following text:

Section 2.1. Municipal Elections.

Any special municipal election may be called by resolution or ordinance of the Town Council at least sixty (60) days in advance of such election. 

Polling places and Mail Ballot Counting Centers for all municipal elections shall be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Section 2.4. Electors.

A.  Qualifications. Persons holding a permanent resident card may be qualified electors.

C.  Registration. Registration requirements for municipal elections shall be the same as those governing general elections. Registration with the County Clerk and Recorder shall constitute registration for municipal elections. Qualified electors not qualified by the State of Colorado to register with the County Clerk and Recorder shall register with the Town Clerk. 

Section 2.7. Recall.

Any elected officer of the Town may be recalled at any time after six (6) months in office by the electors entitled to vote for a successor of such incumbent, as provided for in Article XXI of the Colorado Constitution and 31-4-501, C.R.S, et seq.

Section 2.9. Applications for Absentee Ballots.

Absentee Ballots shall be available to registered and qualified electors for Town elections. A written application for an Absentee Ballots is required. 

Section 3.3. Qualifications. 

No Councilperson shall be an employee of the Town during his or her term of office.

Section 4.3. Special Meetings.

Special meetings shall be called by the Town Clerk on the written request of the Town Manager, Mayor or any two (2) Councilpersons, after at least twenty-four (24) hours' written notice to each member, served personally or left at his or her usual place of residence or work, or transmitted by electronic mail, or telephonic facsimile, and after posting written notice of said meeting in a public place for at least twenty-four (24) hours. The twenty-four (24) hours written notice and twenty-four (24) hours posting of written notice can be achieved concurrently. 

Section 4.8. Voting.

Except as otherwise provided for in this Charter, or except as otherwise provided for in an ordinance requiring a Town Council vote by other than a majority vote, including when Town Council acts as a lower board or commission, the specific voting rules for that body shall apply, every ordinance, resolution or motion shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of those Councilpersons present. 

Section 4.18. Conflicts of Interest.

No Town Councilperson or appointed member of a Board, Commission or Committee of the governmental structure, during his or her term of office shall be an employee of the Town, nor shall he or she have any material or significant financial interest, direct or indirect, or any apparent conflict of interest with the Town.

Section 6.1. General Authority.

A.  Initiative. The registered electors of the Town shall have the power to propose an ordinance that is a legislative act of a municipality to the Council, in accordance with the provisions of this Article of the Charter. In the event the Council fails to adopt said proposed ordinance without material change in substantive provisions, the said proposed ordinance shall be submitted to the qualified electors at a Town election for their acceptance or rejection.

Section 6.3. Petitions.

A. Regular Municipal Election. To submit an initiative or referendum petition at a Regular Election, the petition must be signed by registered electors equal to at least five (5) percent, but less than fifteen (15) percent, of the total number of electors voting at the last regular municipal election, provided that the Council does not adopt the initiated proposal before that election. 

B. Special Municipal Election. To submit an initiative or referendum petition at a Special Election, the petition must be signed by registered electors of the Town in number equal to at least fifteen (15) percent of the total number of electors voting at the last regular municipal election.

Section 7.6. Finance Director. 

There shall be a Finance Director who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Town Manager. The Finance Director may appoint a deputy or deputies to serve under his or her supervision provided such appointment shall be contingent upon the approval of the Town Manager.

Section 7.7. Finance Director Duties. 

The Finance Director shall keep and supervise all accounts; receive and have custody of all moneys of the Town, collect special Town taxes, sewer, water, sanitation and other fees and charges; establish a system of accounting and auditing for the Town which shall reflect, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, the financial condition and financial operation of the Town; provide the Town auditor with all necessary information to perform the annual audit; be empowered to perform and make public internal audits on any Town department, receiving full cooperation from audited department heads; and perform such other duties pertaining to the department of finance as required by this Charter, the Council, ordinance or the Town Manager.

Section 9.2. Composition.

The following shall apply to the composition of any permanent Board or Commission:

A.  Terms and conditions of appointment shall be determined by ordinance, except that no term shall be longer than four (4) years.

B.  Town employees may only serve as a nonvoting member.

C.  Only registered electors of the Town of Telluride shall be voting members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Adjustments and Appeals, and the Historic and Architectural Review Commission. 

Section 14.4. Liability of Town.

No action for recovery of compensation for personal injury, death or property damage against the Town on account of its negligence shall be maintained unless written notice of the alleged time, place and cause of injury, death or property damage is given to the Town Clerk by the person injured, or an agent or attorney of that person, of the occurrence causing the injury, death or property damage in compliance with the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.

Section 16.4. Town Meeting Moderator.

A Town Meeting Moderator shall be elected for a four (4) year term at the regular municipal election to be held in April of 1978 and at each regular municipal election where a Mayor is elected held in an odd-numbered year thereafter.

Section 16.5. Town Meeting Procedure.

The Town Clerk and his or her deputies shall deny admission to the Town Meeting to all persons who are not registered electors of the Town; provided, however, that any member of the working press, any town staff needed to hold the meeting, and any person certified by the Clerk as an observer shall be admitted, but shall be prohibited from voting. The Town Clerk shall take minutes of each Town Meeting. 

Tiffany Kavanaugh, Town Clerk

The Town of Telluride voters passed Telluride Question 2C at the November 2, 2021 election moving the following sections of the Telluride Home Rule Charter to the Telluride Municipal Code: 

Section 6.2. Petitioners' Committee; Affidavit.

Any three (3) registered electors of the Town may commence initiative or referendum proceedings by filing with the Town Clerk an affidavit stating they will constitute the petitioners' committee and be responsible for circulating the petition and filing it in proper form, stating their names and street addresses and specifying the address to which all notices to the committee are to be sent, and setting out in full the ordinance so initiated, or citing the ordinance sought to be referred.

Promptly after the affidavit of the petitioners' committee is filed, the Town Clerk shall issue the appropriate petition blanks to the petitioners' committee.

Section 6.3. Petitions.

B.  Form and Content. All pages of a petition shall be uniform in size and style and shall be assembled as one (1) instrument for filing. Each signature shall be executed in ink and shall be followed by the street address of the person signing. Petitions shall contain or have attached thereto throughout their circulation the full text of the ordinance initiated or sought to be referred.

C.  Affidavit of Circulator. Each page of a petition shall have attached to it when filed, an affidavit executed by the circulator thereof stating that he or she personally circulated the petition, the number of signatures thereon, that all signatures were affixed in his or her presence, that he or she believes them to be the genuine signatures of the persons whose names they purport to be and that each signer had an opportunity before signing to read the full text of the ordinance initiated or sought to be referred.

D.  Time for Filing Referendum Petitions. If the ordinance to be referred is also to be suspended, referendum petitions must be filed within thirty (30) days of the publication of such ordinance.

Section 6.4. Procedure After Filing.

Certificate of Clerk; Amendment: Within ten (10) days after a petition is filed, the Town Clerk shall complete a certificate as to its sufficiency, specifying, if it is insufficient, the particulars wherein it is defective, and shall promptly send a copy of the certificate to the petitioners' committee by certified mail. A petition certified insufficient for lack of the required number of valid signatures may be amended once if the petitioners' committee files a notice of intention to amend it with the Town Clerk within two (2) days after receiving the copy of the Town Clerk's certificate. Such supplementary petition shall comply with the requirements of subsection B and C of Section 6.3, and within five (5) days after it is filed, the Town Clerk shall complete a certificate as to the sufficiency of the petition as amended and promptly send a copy of such certificate to the petitioners' committee by registered mail as in the case of an original petition. If a petition or amended petition is certified insufficient and the petitioners' committee does not elect to amend under this Section within the time required, the Town Clerk shall promptly present his or her certificate to the Town Council, and such certificate shall then be a final determination as to the sufficiency of the petition. 

Section 6.5. Referendum Petitions; Suspension of Effect of an Ordinance.

When a referendum petition is filed with the Town Clerk, if the ordinance sought to be reconsidered shall be suspended, such suspension shall terminate when:

A.  There is a final determination of insufficiency of the petition, or

B.  The petitioners' committee withdraws the petition, or

C.  The Town Council repeals the ordinance, or

D.  The results of a favorable vote of qualified electors of the Town on the ordinance is certified.

Emergency ordinances shall continue in effect unless a majority of the entire Town Council votes to suspend the ordinance pending an election.

Section 6.6. Action on Petitions.

A.  Action by Town Council. When an initiative and referendum petition has been finally determined sufficient, the Town Council shall either:

1.  Adopt the ordinance as submitted by an initiatory petition;

2.  Repeal the ordinance, or part thereof, referred by a referendum petition; or

3.  Submit the initiated or referred ordinance to the qualified electors of the Town; provided, however, that the Town Council shall have power to change the detailed language of any initiated ordinance and to affix the title thereto, so long as the substantive provisions of such ordinance will not be materially altered.

B.  Submission to Voters. The vote of the qualified electors on an initiated or referred ordinance shall be held not less than sixty (60) days and not later than one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of the final Council action thereon. If no regular municipal election is to be held within the period prescribed in this subsection, the Council shall provide for a special election; otherwise, the vote shall be held at the same time as such regular election, except that the Council may at its discretion provide for a special election at an earlier date within the prescribed period. Copies of the initiated or referred ordinance shall be made available to the public within a reasonable time before the election at the office of the Town Clerk, on the town website, at the polling place and at Voter Service and Polling Centers. 

C.  Withdrawal of Petitions. An initiative or referendum petition may be withdrawn at any time prior to the sixtieth (60th) day preceding the day scheduled for a vote of qualified electors by filing with the Town Clerk a request for withdrawal signed by a majority of the petitioners' committee.

Tiffany Kavanaugh, Town Clerk