Animal Adoptions

Dog Adoptions

The Telluride Marshal's Department boasts a high adoption rate of unclaimed dogs. It is our goal that no adoptable dog be euthanized. Several members of our own staff have adopted abandoned cats and dogs and enjoyed the companionship of these pets for many years. If you would like to rescue an unclaimed dog, please call the Marshal's Department at (970)-728-3818 and ask to be placed on the adoption list. The cost of the adoption is $100.00 and is fully refundable after the dog has been spayed or neutered.

When dogs come up for adoption we will place a photo of the animal in the local newspaper. Donations to the Animal Adoption Fund may be made directly to the Telluride Marshal's Department.  Animals not adopted in Telluride are transferred to the Second Chance Humane Society in Ridgway for adoption.


  • Dogs over six months of age must receive rabies vaccination within 14 days after adoption.
  • Puppies must receive rabies vaccinations with 14 days after they reach the age of six months and nine months respectively. If age is in doubt, a veterinarian should determine it for you.
  • Your pet must be spayed or neutered by the veterinarian of your choice to be eligible for the adoption fee refund.
  • You must obtain a license for your pet, if required, to be eligible for the adoption fee refund.
  • When you return your copy of the Telluride Animal Control Adoption Agreement form signed and dated by your Veterinarian along with a copy of the dog's license, your deposit will be refunded.