Telluride Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is responsible for the judicial processing of citations that originate from Telluride Municipal Code violations occurring within Town of Telluride limits.

Telluride Municipal Court sessions are held in the historic San Miguel County Courthouse; 305 West Colorado Avenue, 2nd Floor, Telluride

The Municipal Court Clerk’s office is located in Telluride’s Town Hall; 135 W. Columbia Ave.

The municipal clerk of court is available at Town Hall and may be contacted for questions relating to your hearing date, citation or parking ticket, in person or by calling 970-728-2158.

The clerk of court does not provide legal advice. For legal advice, please contact an attorney. The clerk of court does not have the authority to dismiss citations.

The municipal court judge is only available during court sessions. If you wish to speak with the judge concerning your case, you must appear in court. Any contact with a judge or by a judge concerning the merits of a pending case or proceeding, outside the presence of all parties or their representatives, is considered impermissible “ex parte” communication.

Telluride Municipal Court Dates
July 1,  20229:00 AM
August 5, 20229:00 AM
September 2, 20229:00 AM
October 7, 20229:00AM
November 4, 20229:00 AM
December 2, 20229:00 AM

Telluride Municipal Court Staff

Presiding Judge: Susanne Ross 

Deputy Municipal Judge: Dan Robinson

Municipal Prosecutor: Alexandra Slaten

Municipal Court Clerk: Melissa Mollan

Other Useful Numbers

Town of Telluride Marshal’s Office: (970) 728-3818

San Miguel County Clerk's Office: (970) 728-3954

San Miguel County Jail / Sheriff’s Office: (970) 728-1911

Other Courts

San Miguel County Court: (970) 369-3300

7th Judicial District Court: (970) 369-3300

Division of Motor Vehicles

Telluride - 305 W Colorado Ave, Telluride - Car Registration Only: (970) 728-3954

Montrose - 320 1st St, Montrose - Full Service: (970) 249-3362