Permit Applications

Number of Permits Allowed and Costs

  • "G" Zone residents may obtain one permit per resident.  After two have been issued per residence, more may only be issued if the residence does not have off-street parking. Each residence may be allowed one guest permit for that address.
  • "O"  and "W" Zone permit residents are eligible for two permits per residence and one guest pass.
  • "A" Zone permit residents are eligible for one permit and one guest pass per residence.
  • Residents in Etta Place, Etta Place Too, Double Diamond and Cimarron commercial units are eligible for free "S" Permits.
  • Businesses (including hotels) are limited to two permits and no guest pass is issued.  Please see Zone map for businesses/resident eligible areas.  Zone map
  • All “G, W, O, A and B” permits are $40 each. Checks are payable to Town of Telluride (T.O.T.).
  • Shandoka and Creekside residents must go to the Shandoka offices for free "S" Permits.

More Information

If you wish to mail in permit applications, the address is on the application.
Application forms and supporting documentation may be emailed to and you will be called for a credit card payment. Please send documentation as an attachment to your email. Thank you!
View the permit parking map. This map outlines the different permit parking areas and helps you to determine if your residence is eligible for a permit.
Sign up for receiving parking permit renewal notifications by email.

If you have any questions about our permit parking program, or about applying for and purchasing permits,
you may contact us at (970) 728-3818.