Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity theft has been around as long as people have made monetary and credit transactions without having to be present or show photo I.D. However, it has become more prevalent through the use of the internet. 1 out of 5 people will be a victim of identity theft or know someone who is.

Do not place personal information in your home mail box to be mailed - place all payments and personal information that you are mailing directly in a mailbox or postal center.

Shred any of the following that you are discarding:

  • Charge receipts
  • Copies of credit applications
  • Insurance forms
  • Physician statements
  • Bank checks and statements
  • Expired charge cards
  • Credit offers you get in the mail

Minimize your risk:

  • Adopt a "need to know" approach about giving out your personal information to others
  • Never give out credit card numbers or personal information
  • Pay attention to billing cycles
  • Only carry ID and credit cards or bank cards that you will be using
  • Keep items with personal information in a safe place
  • Know who has access to your personal information at work


Never Use....
  • Your mother's maiden name
  • Your middle name, your children's names or a nickname
  • Your birthdate, your children's birthdates or an anniversary
  • The last four digits of your SSN or phone or house number
  • A series of consecutive numbers
  • Your pet's name