Sales, Use & Excise Tax Information

Sales Tax and Excise Tax

The Town of Telluride, a home rule municipality, self collects sales and excise tax.  The sales tax rate is 4.5%. One half percent of this sales tax is for the purpose of funding affordable housing.  Colorado State sales tax is 2.9% San Miguel County sales tax is 1% and San Miguel Authority for Regional Transportation sales tax is 0.25%. The total combined tax to be collected on retail sales and furnishing of certain services is 8.65%. The Town of Telluride has a 2% excise tax on lodging and the sale of food or drink in any restaurant or bar.  The purpose of this tax is for funding the airline guarantee program.  The county also has an additional 2% excise tax on lodging. 

All bookings made after January 1, 2020 will be subject to a 2.5% excise tax on the amount charged to any person leasing a short-term rental in the Town of Telluride.  This tax does not apply however, to hotel units, accommodations, or other short-term rental units having a tax classification of commercial property by the San Miguel County Assessor.  This tax is for the purpose of funding affordable housing and affordable housing programs.  Total tax to be collected on short-term rentals is 15.15%

Notice to Short-Term Rentals

VRBO and Airbnb are now collecting State and County taxes and will collect local taxes for cities with which they have an agreement.  The Town of Telluride does not have agreements with either company.  You should collect local tax for the Town of Telluride on your short-term rental bookings and remit those taxes through your online MUNIRevs account.   

Notice to Business Owners

Effective June 28th, 2012, Telluride began using a paperless licensing and tax remittance system, MUNIRevs. This program will process excise and sales taxes as well as business, sales tax and excise tax licenses. Businesses will no longer be able to remit sales or excise taxes or business license applications to Telluride via paper forms. To register, please follow the instructions for creating a new account or for existing businesses to link to their business account.

For assistance with creating your MUNIRevs account, contact their support department by email or calling (888) 751-1911. Start the registration process and entering payments today.

More Information

  • For more detailed information on Town of Telluride Sales and Excise Taxes please refer to the Municipal Code (sections 4-2-10 to 4-2-820 and 4-4-10 to 4-4-180). If you need additional information please contact Kailey Ranta, (970) 728-2163.
  • For information or questions regarding the State of Colorado sales tax and/or San Miguel County sales or lodging tax contact Colorado Department of Revenue by calling (303) 238-7378.
  • For information on business licenses visit the Clerk's Department.