Town Attorney's Office

The Town Attorney is appointed by Town Council and is the primary legal advisor in matters relating to official powers, rights, duties and liabilities for:

  • Town Council Members
  • Town Management and Staff
  • Members of Town Boards and Commissions

Others seeking legal advice should engage their own legal counsel as the Town Attorney’s Office represents the Town of Telluride only and cannot give legal advice to citizens.

The Assistant Town Attorney provides similar legal counsel to Town staff and representatives and also acts as the Municipal Prosecutor responsible for prosecuting violations of regulations and laws codified in the Telluride Home Rule Charter, Telluride Municipal Code and the Telluride Land Use Code.

The processing of parking tickets or citations for other municipal code violations is handled by the Municipal Court Clerk. Additional information regarding court processes and procedures is available on the Telluride Municipal Court page. 

Questions about specific town ordinances should be directed to the department that administers the specific ordinances.