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May 7, 2018 8:00 AM

Town of Telluride Water Restrictions

Recent dry climate conditions prevail in the Telluride area, and water consumption is quickly increasing as it does this time every year. While Telluride’s water supplies are currently sufficient, the shallow remaining snowpack, and our extreme drought conditions can rapidly change our overall water availability. This is cause for needed conservation measures.

Pursuant to the provisions of Telluride Municipal Code Section 13-5-40, the following mandatory restrictions are hereby ordered. The residents and businesses are asked to come into immediate compliance with these measures, although enforcement actions will not be taken until May 15th to allow a one-week period for implementation. The Town apologizes for the inconveniences caused by these restrictions and is appreciative of your understanding and cooperation.

1. Persons are urged to conserve water in every possible way in their homes and businesses;

2. Washing of public or private sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios or other hard surfaces with municipal treated water shall be prohibited (the Town’s use of non-treated well water for such purposes is exempted);

3. Power washing of structures with municipal treated water shall be prohibited (commercial power washing of structures will be allowed when necessary for exterior painting and related repairs);

4. Filling, refilling or replacement of water in swimming pools, hot tubs or landscape water features with municipal treated water shall be prohibited (Town Park pool shall be exempted; the addition of water to public or private pools, hot tubs or water features to make up for evaporative losses is exempted);

5. Noncommercial washing of privately owned cars or other motor vehicles, trailers or boats with municipal treated water shall be prohibited, unless by bucket;

6. Use of municipal treated water for commercial car washes shall be prohibited, although commercial car washing which is programmed or operated to minimize water consumption (approximately 23 gallons per wash) will be allowed;

7. Service of water to restaurant patrons shall be prohibited unless requested by the patron;

8. Use of municipal treated water for irrigation of any public or private lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, plants, municipal or school fields, golf courses or similar grass areas shall be prohibited, except for a singular period not to exceed thirty (30) minutes upon the following days, either before 9 a.m. or after 9 p.m.:

• Monday, Wednesday, Friday for residents and businesses with odd- numbered addresses;

• Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for residents and businesses with even numbered addresses;

• Sundays for all residents and businesses

NOTE: Any business involving the growing and selling of plants shall be exempt from these irrigation restrictions with respect to irrigation water for such plants only. Drip irrigation systems and hand watering by bucket or watering shall also be exempt from these restrictions. The use of municipal water for dust suppression in Town Park during festival events shall be exempt, and irrigation by non-treated well water in Town Park shall likewise be exempt. Newly planted landscaping that requires additional watering may be exempted on a case by case basis through the Town Manager’s Office.

Violations of the above restrictions shall be subject to fines in accordance with Section 13-5-50 of the Municipal Code. Thank you for your cooperation in this significant matter. The restrictions will be in effect until lifted by action of the Town Manager or Town Council.

Issued this 4th day of May 2018

Ross Herzog, Town Manager 970.728.2155

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