Ecology Commission


The Ecology Commission shall address human-wildlife interactions of concern, as identified by the Town Council. Such work shall address mechanisms that reduce or eliminate interactions which may pose a threat to wildlife and the safety of the general public.

Ecology Commission
Telluride Municipal Code Article 2, Article 7


The Town of Telluride Ecology Commission usually meets the first Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm at Rebekah Hall.



  • Stacy Ostromecki, Chair (term expires 11/2019)
  • John Young, (term expires 8/2019)
  • Kathy Green (term expires 4/2019)
  • Jonathan Greenspan (term expires 11/2018)
  • Michael Mowery, (term expires 1/2020)
  • Kiersten Stephens, 1st alternate (term expires 2/2019)
  • Lee Shea Betten, 2nd alternate (term expires 8/2018)
  • DeLanie Young, Town Council Liaison (term expires 11/2019)