Campaign Finance

Candidates and committees in municipal elections are required to file appropriate campaign finance forms with the Town Clerk.  

Standalone Candidate 

Standalone candidates are candidates without a candidate committee. A candidate committee is not required if you will not seek or accept contributions during candidacy or if a candidate will only spend their own money. A candidate committee is required if a candidate will accept money from any other person or entity. 

Candidate Committee 

A candidate committee accepts contributions and makes expenditures under the authority of the candidate. A candidate committee includes the candidate. It is not necessary for a candidate committee to have additional members. 

Issue Committee 

Colorado law defines an issue committee as any person, other than a natural person, or any group of two or more persons, including natural persons, that has:
  •  A major purpose of supporting or opposing any ballot issue or ballot question; and
  • That has accepted or made contributions or expenditures in excess of $200 to support or oppose any ballot issue or ballot question OR has printed two hundred or more petition sections.
An organization or group of people who support or oppose an issue should familiarize themselves with the laws concerning issue committees before the group engages in political activity to ensure compliance with any campaign finance laws that may apply.

Please read the
 Fair Campaign Practices Act Manual for additional campaign finance information. 



You can view campaign finance reports by accessing our public records. Instructions can be found on our public records page. 

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