2018 Special Election

A Special Election was called by the Town Council of the Town of Telluride, Colorado at a Special Town Council meeting on September 06, 2018. Resolution 23 - Series 2018 calls a special election and lists the purposes.  

Election Results 

Links go live at 7:01 p.m. on Election Day. 

Election Results Summary 
Scrolling Results 


The November 06, 2018 election will be held in coordination with the San Miguel County. For additional election information, please visit the San Miguel County website or call (970) 728-3954.

Ballot Language   

  • Ballot Issue 2A - A proposed ad valorem property tax increase to fund affordable housing.
  • Ballot Issue 2B - A proposed sales and use tax increase to fund affordable housing. 
  • Ballot Issue 2C - A question relating to the proposed issuance of bonded indebtedness for the electorate of the Town to consider payable from certain revenues to be received in the Town for use to aid in the financing of affordable housing and affordable housing programs. 

Election Notices 

Notice of General Election (10/11/2018) 
Notice of Financial Information - Town of Telluride (10/11/2018)
Sample Ballot